As the years go on, it becomes more and more apparent, and overwhelming, just how much my mother has influenced and shaped me. All of us – young women especially – who have strong bonds with our moms know the feeling. The awe of her devotion. The pride in her strength. The wonderment of how she persevered. And above all, the determination to never, ever take her for granted. I am a lucky girl to have an amazing woman as my role model, teacher, and conscience. I want to share just a few of the myriad things she has taught me, which have become part of my compass:

  • PERSEVERE. Don’t worry about failure, for there is no utility in that.
  • Protect yourself and your interests, and never apologize for doing so. You can still be a loving, considerate, unselfish person even if you take care of your own needs.
  • George Clooney and Anthony Bourdain are both really handsome.
  • Live for today. Plan for tomorrow. Chat about next month. Dream about next year.
  • Perfection in your work is not necessary. Honesty in your work is imperative.
  • Except for grammar, where perfection is required.
  • As long as you are breathing, there is always Hope.
  • People are as good as their most wonderful quality. Focus on that.
  • And lastly…on busy days, chips and red wine make a fine dinner.

Cheers Mom! Happy Mother’s Day. I am grateful for every day that I can learn more from you.