Just as my mother is the voice of reason and practicality, traits she passed on to me, so is my father the bottomless well of propellant that sees what is possible. When I am faced with a choice, I am quick to see what will be difficult, what will need to be fixed, the multitude of things that could go wrong. There are so many reasons to take no steps off the known, safe path. And my mathematical, risk-averse engineering mind quickly tallies them up to compare against some quantifiable opportunity that might present itself. It’s all very rational..and uninspired.

Not so with my dear Dad. The thought of a trip to a faraway land is met first with, “Yes!” and then with “Let’s ALL go!”

But the kids will be a pain. They’re in school. I only have 1.6 weeks of vacation left. And the gorgeous bubble of what could be is popped by the nasty needle that fears failure and loss.

I am learning, as time goes on, to be more like my father. A man who has reinvented himself a dozen times, not because the previous incarnation was lacking, but because a change was needed for other reasons. And each time, the new incarnation rose like a phoenix because it embraced the excitement of what was possible. To be sure, there were fears and stumbles along the way. But no adventure is complete without them.

He is loved by so many for his large heartedness and generosity of spirit. He makes us all want to come along for the grand ride that is life when we are around him. I’m entertaining the thought of touring India later this year. So, so many reasons not to go. Logistics, money, time away from work. But one big reason to go: to LIVE like this is the only chance I have. And I know Dad will come with me.

To my most irrationally devoted fan, the man who dares me to dream big and live large: Happy Father’s Day!

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