So this happened on my first day in India. Holi celebration – ooh but someone has our tickets. My cousin: “Anjali – come with me to get them.”

10 mins later, in a beautiful apartment: “Nice to meet you Anjali. So what brings you to Delhi? Oh! You know, my sister is involved with Trinity Music College London. What’s that? You took lessons at the Delhi School of Music when you were here? I wonder if you knew her – A. Mata?”

A high pitched screech and a dropped jaw later, I am on the phone with Mrs. Mata, sister-of-the-mother-of-a-friend-of-my-cousin’s who happened to have our Holi tickets, and my piano teacher until I was 10 years old. I am thanking her for the foundation she gave me, but barely in control of what I am saying in my stunned stupor. She is coming to the show Sunday.

The cosmic journey continues…And when I tell people here about it, they say “Yes, that’s how it always happens.” #fate #home #ofallthe1.2billionpeople