Anjali Ray was born in Illinois and raised in New Delhi, India, until the age of 10 when she moved to the US with her family. In the years since, she’s been a glowing example of this country’s rich multi-cultural brew, retaining a strong connection to her homeland through her practice in Hindustani classical singing. But she’s also been a student of western classical music on the piano, and a burgeoning jazz musician. Her main artistic focus these days, working both in Chicago and Los Angeles, embraces a polished pop sound deeply informed by these building blocks. Her album “Indigo” has achieved enthusiastic praise including consideration for a Grammy nomination for its sophisticated hybrid of seductive melody influenced by the likes of Sarah MacLachlan and Tori Amos, chilled grooves, and soulful singing, all caressed with instrumental flourishes borrowed from India.  Anjali’s latest project is an EP titled “Giant”, a pop collection which celebrates feminism and activism in America today. The album is dedicated to those just now finding their voices and taking to the streets to march for their rights.