Different Side of Me

Straight-A girl, won’t cause trouble in the world,
She’s respected and responsible,
Faithful and a logical mind.
Always doing what she’s told,
Carbon-dating someone old enough to stabilize,
Ratify predictable life

And now she sees the crazy breeze is sowing seeds…

And now she won’t be quiet,
She talks out of turn and turns it on
Whenever we meet
And now those bells are tolling cause
It’s always morning when she’s here,
You’ll finally see it’s a different side of me

It’s a different side of me

Bleached her hair, gave her grandmother a scare,
Ditched the volvo, bought a motorbike
Pierced her tongue and closed her eyes.
Look at this, the grand abyss where we can jump,
Live in certainty that we don’t know
Anything about this life

Now she’s extreme, a homemade queen, she got no strings…

Lay low, lay low, lay low,
Oh she’s tired, tired of, tired of laying low

Little girl won’t cause trouble in the world
Brought a drumset to the opera
They caught it all on camera

And now I won’t be quiet, I’ll talk out of turn and turn it on
Whenever we meet
And now those bells are tolling cause
It’s always morning when she’s here,
You’ll finally see it’s a different side of me


January came and went
He made an enemy of me
What are we to do now?
Hunker down in living rooms
Gathering the will to move
Breaking bread with a new crowd

I never knew this love

So you hit the road, defiant
Slightly built, but a Giant
Shepherding the riot and holding me close
Feel the will to fight it
Fuel the flame and light it
Break the chain of silence and bring me home

So we marched on Pershing Square
Trying to find some dignity there
Separate day from night
In the tumult and the gloom
You gave me breathing room
You’re spilling over with daylight

I never knew this love



I thought that you were lost at sea
Return to me like the blush to my cheek
Drink in your gaze, steady my knees
My cool collect is not what it seems

It’s illicit, Beautifully wrong
And I see you twist in the storm
So I’m silent when I scream out your name
Illicit, Beautifully wrong

You’ve got me trying harder each day
I spend more time with the dress and the face
Have you a clue, do you already know
That it’s all for you when the lights turn low

It’s illicit…

I can’t bring myself to fan these flames
But I can’t bear to put them out
Can I shoulder what I feel for you
Or will I just burn down?



I’m at the end of your string
You tug hard at my desire
Like a fancy plaything
You dangle me from your wire.

When you’re done, then you’re done with me.
And I’m stuck in a box with a long-lost key.
Won’t you please come rescue me?

I don’t remember my name
Now you control my every move.
My friends say I’m not the same.
They don’t know what you’re trying to prove.

When you’re done, then you’re done with me.
And I’m stuck in a box with a long-lost key.
Won’t you please come rescue me?

I’m a marionette, I’m spinning round in this dress.
I’m at your whim, you’re the mastermind
I’m more than wood inside.
A marionette, I’m dancing at your behest.
I move my lips, your words come out.
I’m the one who hangs around with you.

Wearing the clothes you bought for me.
Follow the people that you meet.
Reading the paper with your eyes.
Losing myself in this slick disguise.

Where's the Heart?

Night comes in, I’m feeling like a fool
Can’t believe how I behaved with you
Words were said, and I can’t take them back
I’m carrying confusion on my back

But I’m the thief that stole your love one time
We’re playing parts, miscast in our own life

So I’m the fool who walks inside my shoes
You’re the mind, the reason and the rhyme
Where’s the heart we showed each other at the start?

Day by day we play this tug of war
A spider web with venom at its core
Stick around, plus where else could you go?
The IV drip of hope is getting low

But my memory is powerful and warm
It keeps me kind, and far away from harm

Distorted by the broken mirror of our pain
Truth is stretched till it’s hanging by a thread again
It was my mistake, please just let me take the blame

So Long
Think about my future; see it running away from me
It’s saying I love you, but I can’t hold on
Don’t wanna waste my time here; Here we are just lying here
I can only love you for so long

I gotta get moving; there’s so much to see out there
Then I hold you close to me and now I’m torn
Will you ever wake up; will the dark be taken down
I can only love you for so long

I’m the rolling thunder; I’m the river moving on
I’m the night that vanishes into the dawn
For the life you gave me; I’ll be forever grateful
I can only love you for so long
So long

Sure; we have a good time; we can while away the hours
Everybody looks at us and thinks we’re strong
I was born restless; these feet were meant for running
To be tied to one place just feels wrong

It feels wrong; it feels wrong

You keep it like it was before
So I can come back for more
Promise me you’ll stay the same
Be there for me when I’m done playing games

Tell me that you’ll miss me
I don’t expect to hear your footsteps
Don’t think for a minute all the good is gone
But if you let me go, it’s the best way to bring me back
Gotta fly away to get a view of home

Indigo Boy
From history’s gate, with a golden key
I’ll unlock you and me
The curve of my face is a foreign place
Fire inside you revealed


Indigo Boy
Feel the melody take you and
Chain you to my golden arms
Indigo Boy
With a word I will break you
Blazing a trail to your heart
And you won’t even know who you are

Surrender your will to the blazing sun
I’ll light you up from afar
The choice isn’t yours, and your heart I’ll take
And seal your fate to the stars

Immortalize Me
A perfume on the breeze
Is gone like ash and dreams
Unfolding mysteries of life
Like childhood innocence
There’s nothing permanent
But we can cheat the system blind

So kiss me while I ask of you
What only you can do
Hold me in everlasting sights

Immortalize Me
Save me from the winds of time
Hand me over to the seven wonders
Immortalize Me

Conquer the ages now
With a spell that won’t allow
For us to disappear so soon
Wrap me in your desire
Preserve me with your fire
We may not see another moon

I will live forever here
Drink in your atmosphere
Till all that’s left is diamond dust

Immortalize Me…

Help me keep this moment alive
Carve me out of stone with memory’s knife
Write me well, so my blood spills off the page
And colors every wretch’s hungry mind

Immortalize Me

Put away your anger and don’t leave a trace
Cover up my bruises and show a brave face
Come on, take a picture of who we should be
Post it on your Facebook and let them all see

So many ways to love you
So many ways to leave you

Got an invitation from one of our friends
Dress you up in new clothes and play for the win
Did you get your jacket? I know you’ll need it
Gotta have those pockets to hide a clenched fist

And it hurts, but I’ll be alright, cuz come late at night,
I’ll drown my sorrows till I float
Love means everything, so let’s give everything
So that they’ll never know what I know,
That we’re not right

Even as I call you, I know you won’t come
Going through the motions to the beat of your drum
Integrated, normalized, looking the part
Wait until the doors close to step on my heart

Deep in the dark, I’ll say
I couldn’t do this for another day

Better let’s get used to the black and the white
Mrs. Jones by day and a target by night
Opened up a photo of when we first met
Looking at that guy wondering where he went.

The First Day
I’m not afraid, I’m not unsure
I’ve never hurt someone before
We got a home, we got a life
Gotta leave it all behind

A restless soul, a hungry mind
Can’t subsist on what you find
Understand, I can’t turn back
I can hear those windows crack

Today I’m up with the sun
Didn’t say a word to anyone
Walked out the door and into the light
Cuz it’s the first day of my life

A vacant stare, a plastic smile
They’re calling me a problem child
No regrets, no mistakes
Just this everlasting ache

It’s peculiar that I can’t recall your name
The past forgotten with its tortured eyes
And all we overcame
Now I’m sure that I won’t miss you in the morning
With your stone cold steely heart
Clutching to your corporate card
Putting on that false veneer
let’s not finish out the year
It’s the first day of my life

A careless step, a blinded path
I’m falling hard into the trap
It’s crushing me, the jaws of life
And I know this must be right.

The Best is Yet to Come
We shared a thousand sunsets
We drank a hundred wines
And sailed across five oceans
And read each other’s minds
We fought some epic battles
And cried out when we won
But I know the best is yet to come

We’ve held on to the sails
And followed crescent moons
We’ve broken precious glasses
And washed each other’s wounds
We’ve reveled in the riches
We’ve been the pauper’s son
But I know the best is yet to come

Somebody say, “Forever is here”
I’ll be no wiser than the day you appeared
Entered my life like a bolt from the blue
Was that yesterday, or 2002?

We never thought we’d be here
It isn’t how we planned
I’m throwing out the blueprint
Not knowing where we’ll land
So ride on and remember
That you’re my only one
Cuz I know the best is yet to come

Sparkle like fire,
Your eyes through me burn.
Embers rekindle as dark thoughts return.
I never rattled the chains on my soul.
Pulling me under, I can’t see the shore.

But I chose fear.

Broken, repentant, the mind twists and turns.
Ashes still smolder with lessons I’ve learned.
Perfect, exquisite, my own dream come true.
I could enjoy this, spend my time loving you.

But I chose fear.

Blemished heart, I regret my spirit is weak.
Jailed from revealing the person I could be.
Shackled and spinning in circles,
The hero that cowers inside of me.

Spinning, circles, my eyes searching only for you
Crippled, broken, can’t focus on you in my view
My shining star, my shining star
I’ll get to you, I’ll come to you
Cuz my fear won’t last the night

Won't Let Go
Riding underneath your silhouette
Blocks the scenery and I forget
Where we started, where we’re going
A chemical, frozen wind is blowing
Grip the reins, hold them tight
Keep the horizon in my sight
It’s in my sight

And I won’t let go
Pray for the summertime, pray for a lover’s life
I won’t let go
Pray for the summertime, pray for a lover’s life
Cuz I’m waist-deep in the cold
I’m in the cold

Helter-skelter all my treasures run
Black and blue until we reach the sun
Here it comes, the pouring rain
Stubbornly winning shelter’s game
Spine is rigid, knuckles white
Keep the horizon in my sight
It’s in my sight

Hold the might wind at bay
It will test your will to stay
Stay and fight and may the tempest take its time
Feel the courage in your blood
Tap the mettle you’re made of
We can weather so much more than you will know
More than you know
I clutch the hand that I hold
Don’t let go

In my favorite dream, I’m 21
You were 23, and we baked in Chicago’s sun
Running to a place that I don’t know
An old-fashioned train whistle blows

We climb aboard, bound for the stars
You can’t believe that your luck’s holding out this far
The scenery outside the window pane
Changes to amethyst plains
Too beautiful to explain

Run away with me
One-way ticket please
I’m singing in my sleep
A midnight melody

We dine in Rome, sail on the Rhine
Climb Rainier, I’m breathless all the time
You carry me across as jealous eyes
Wonder how you became mine

The day gives way over to the night
Taj Mahal glows in the pale moonlight
Shining down as we dare to dance
I’m not leaving this up to chance
The dream will escape in a glance

Roll along with the tide
Trying to survive the insane daily grind
Always running out of time
Holding on to this dream of mine

A glint of recognition, turning verse to prose
Flickers like a candle would on Juneau’s stormy shore
You maneuvre deftly, but hidden to my soul
Still I hope to find you, as time steals more and more

When the nightmare becomes reality
When the blade of regret shoots through like
A rudder through the sea
When the nightmare becomes reality
Retreat. Go back to sleep

Today is sun and smiles; tomorrow tears like rain
Will fall from clouds that circle like vultures in my brain
They feed on your image, it’s more than I can bear
Then you boomerang back to me, the child I know is there

One day when no one’s looking, I’ll take a walk away
Away from hope and yearning, inevitable dismay
Can I really do it, just walk away from you?
Since I cannot leave you, I think I’ll take you too.